tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Go German!

Seuraavana pitkän tauon jälkeen (taas) vuorossa saksalainen vahvistuksemme, Antje 'Antti' Schmidt !

What is the difference between finnish and german floorball?
- There is a big quality difference between Finnish and German floorball. Finnish floorball is much faster. Every player and especially the coaches have a better understanding of tactics and technic than the average german player and coaches. I don't give up hoping that floorball developes in germany.

What is the best thing in Finland?
- Difficult... I like riisipiirakka quite a lot :)

Which finnish custom or habbit you would like to introduce in Germany?
- Finnish car drivers are more calm than germans. In germany its a normal thing to push the horn if somebody annoys you - haven't heard that here yet.

Can you order chicken pasta in finnish?
- Is it "Minä haluan kana pastaa."?
When did you start playing floorball?
- I started playing in the beginning of 6. grade in school. I am playing since over 15 years, damn that sounds long and old ;)

You are the first german player in finnish floorball league. How does it feel?
- Nice, thanks for asking. play in the finnish floorball league quite much.

Changing clothes seems to take a while... you are usually the last player in the changing room. Why so?
- Uhhh what should I say to that?! I have no answer to that. It just seems I need my time. But I can tell you that it was like that in germany also.

Vauhtihirmu or läskiryhmä?
- Vauhtihirmu

Finland or Germany?
- not fair! in which case?! I say "Finland" for now.

Bratwurst or grillimakkara?
- definetely Bratwurst

Rammstein or Apocalyptica?
- äääh?! Rammstein
Pass or shot?
- pass

Streching or running?
- running

I'd like to challenge Krista next

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